Common Samsung LCD TV Problems

The Samsung brand is the perfect device for movie watching, playing and other attributions. However, people must also be aware of potential Samsung LCD TV problems that might appear in the long run. So far, Samsung has proved its reliability presenting fabulous gadgets, but still when it comes to TVs the issues are visible.

To begin with, let’s have a look at the wide screen. Customers usually prefer the big ones because they seem like cinema panels, when in fact they’re the worst. Remember that not all flat screen TVs have HD viewing. And if you opt for a regular Samsung TV, the final image you’ll get is just ok. The resolution tends to be a bit too much and in the future you’ll certainly have Samsung LCD TV problems. It’s great that the images are big, but a perfect resolution is also depending on your cable TV monthly subscription.

Moving forward, we get to the installation process. Every time you begin searching for a good signal, you’ll hear some clicking behind the TV. It’s nothing to worry about but for some people it might get annoying. Everything about the Samsung TV is related to resolution and motion blur. The bigger the device, the slower it will work. Massive LCDs are directly connected to screen intensity. A Samsung flat screen TV with a bandwidth of 60MHz will most likely have blur images. These Samsung LCD TV problems only happen when something really fast happens on the screen like a car racing or a football game. Some more advanced devices have bandwidths of 120MHz and 240MHz; in their case motion blur is inexistent.

Issues with Samsung LCD TV are also related to the instant shut down of the device. The brand has manufacturing settings so you shouldn’t be scared if suddenly your TV will collapse. People are kind of irritated by this feature, because you’re watching a nice movie and the system just closes out of the blue.

Angle viewing has been a common problem with nearly all LCDs. Because of their flat appearance, watching TV from a certain side of the room makes the image impossible to see properly. Samsung LCD TV has the same concern. It has a limitation in color from other sizes and it can be watched perfectly only from a certain position. In addition to the angle viewing, several TVs also have too mush brightness in them. People are heavily disturbed by that because it makes them tired and sleepy. Although the brightness can be adjusted, not all devices have this mark.

A flat screen from Samsung seems like a perfect choice for individuals because they’re kind o accessible and they look nice. Nevertheless, sometimes the brand is not enough for perfect video watching. Other Samsung LCD TV problems might also be related to glare. In broad daylight the reflection f the sun will be perfectly seen on the screen of your TV. This actually happens in most devices; however, the newest models have a black base screen incorporated that might help lower down the glaring.