Samsung LCD TV Problems

LCD TVs have recently become a revolutionary device in one’s home. Due to their wide screen, perfect fit and flawless viewing, people buy them in large number today. In addition, famous brands have lowered their prices tremendously due to the fierce competition of LCD TVs.

The Samsung LCD TV comes along with difference screen sizes. The bigger the better, for individuals with massive homes. But how effective are in fact these TVs and what are their problems, you’re about to find out. For starters, if you’re not an expert in installing a flat screen TV, then you shouldn’t try to fix things because you might cause more harm than good. Nevertheless, when installing the TV customers begin to have several Samsung LCD TV problems regarding certain popping noises. When looking for a signal, they say that the device starts to make a weird clicking and they’re afraid it might break down.

Another impediment is connected to motion blur. Frequently, there have individuals saying that Samsung has some difficulties with this attribute in its LCDs. When watching really fast movement on TV, you’ll probably witness some blurring instead of speed. Football games for example, happen really fast and thus, if your TV is suffering from motion blur then it’s probably because of the resolution or the ”refresh rate”, which is mainly the speed. Generally speaking, several Samsung flat screens have 60 MHz speed and they do have blurring, however those that operate with 120MHz and 240MHZ work perfectly.

When watching TV, especially an interesting movie, you don’t want the device to shut down instantly. This automatic feature is the cause of the Samsung LCD TV problems that was established at manufacturing. For some people, it is a problem because it’s really annoying to have your TV closed when you don’t want to.

Samsung LCD TV problems can also be seen in angle viewing. From certain positions the clarity of the image is lost. This really bothers individuals and the cause is mainly due to the brand that hasn’t stabilized the color properly. Samsung comes along with this limitation on cheaper LCDs and specialists say than even the more expensive ones are not that great. Moving forward, people are just irritated with Samsung LCDs that have too much brightness. It’s really disturbing for the eyes and it creates discomfort for the people, not to mention tiredness. Some LCDs have color settings, but not all of them can reduce the intensity of the brightness.

Other Samsung LCD TV problems are directed related to glare. A flat screen TV must not reflect too much light from outside sources like the sun, or in-house light. Nevertheless, Samsung does that. Their products are not that revolutionary when it comes to screen perfection. When watching a movie on broad daylight, you’ll certainly see the difference. Only the newest models have some sort of black base screen meant to slow down the glowing. Overall, Samsung is a good brand for TV watching but these issues make people skeptical about the product’s performance.